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Start Here and read carefully!

(Want to know my story? Find it HERE)

1. You are a male, over 25 years old. I coach mainly men over 40, but I was also once 25, so your struggles are not alien to me. As a 59 year old coach, I can relate to a lot of sh*t you might be dealing with. If you are under 25, convince me that you're serious about coaching and we can have a discussion. But generally speaking, a 20 year old male may have other lifestyle issues that he is dealing with, beyond nutrition coaching. I also coach women, but most clients who contact me are men.

2. You must have training experience. Trying to lose weight/body fat without exercising is possible, but we are not going to go there. This is a commitment to your own health. Exercise is paramount.  If you're currently training or have previous experience training, we will integrate that into your nutrition coaching program. It does NOT have to be gym-based. But you must be willing and able to exercise, in some form.

3. You do not use any performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs), such as steroids. This is not a value judgment. PEDs make the nutrition coaching process complicated and PEDs are outside of my wheelhouse.


4. You are prepared to commit to this program, which involves regular check-ins via the ProCoach coaching app, and regularly scheduled Google Meet video chats to discuss progress and planning.

5.  I CANNOT guarantee results. I can promise you that I will give my all, 100%, to helping you accomplish your nutrition goals. But a big part of this relationship is holding yourself accountable for your own habits and behavior.

Part of my job is to build that accountability, but ultimately YOU are the master of your destiny, not me.

6. No "pauses" in the coaching program. We will NOT "take a break" or "pause" for a few weeks or months and come back later. That doesn't work. The "Pause Mentality" happens to be one of the BIGGEST obstacles in most people's personal and professional advancement. We get rid of that right from the outset.


Knowing that there is no pausing, only quitting or forging onward, is a significant motivator.

LIFE DOESN'T PAUSE. Time waits for no one.

All of that being said, you'll find that I'm an open-minded, compassionate coach who has suffered his own share of physical limitations and injuries, diet setbacks, nutrition self-experimentation, failures, and successes.

Whatever obstacle you're having, there's a pretty good chance that I've been there myself.


  1. After filling out the pre-qualifying form, I'll send you an intake questionnaire.

  2. After reviewing your intake responses, we'll schedule a face-to-face consult on Google Meet or Zoom. During this meeting, we'll discuss your goals and whether they are realistic, and if not, how we can adjust them to make them more realistic.

  3. We'll discuss a plan to move forward based on the goals we've discussed.

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