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"What's Personal Nutrition &
Fitness Coaching ?"

It's about how the rest of your life is going to play out. It's about making life-altering positive changes.

We'll work together to identify your needs to achieve your nutrition and fitness goals. Accountability is king. Once you start, there's no looking back.

Q: What is the best weight-loss plan for men?

A: There is no "one best diet" for everyone. If someone tells you that, smile nicely and head for the door because that individual is either lying to sell you a "proprietary" product or just uninformed. The "best diet" is very individual.
Each client in my coaching program is different, and every person has their own goals. We'll work together to find the best approach and recommendations based on your goals. Then, we work on habit change and formation to achieve those goals.

Q: Why is the program 12 months? Can't we do this in 2 or 3 months?

Consider how many years it took you to get to your present physical state. Maybe it took 5, 10, 20 years or more. In the first half of the 12-month program, we'll work together to move toward your physical goals, whether it's weight-loss, muscle gain, or learning to make better food choices. In the second half of the program, we'll work on maintaining and solidifying those habits so that you won't backslide.

If you believe that you can reverse the effects of 10 or 20 years of bad habits in 3 months, good luck to you. The first step is going to be changing the desire for instant gratification.

Q: Is personalized nutrition and fitness coaching expensive? Why aren't your prices shown on your website?

Coaching is the most significant investment you'll ever make in your health, well-being, and long-term quality of life. Ask yourself this: how expensive is it to spend the last 10 years of your life in and out of the hospital? What is the cost to yourself and your family of leaving things the way they are right now?

Spend some time examining answers to these questions and you've answered the main question yourself. 

Compared to the alternative possibility, coaching isn't expensive. 

Prices aren't published on the site for a very good reason. This isn't a cookie-cutter coaching program. Each client has specific needs that we'll address in the initial consultation process. Each client's needs have to be carefully considered to determine a coaching fee.

Q: What's the "Minimalist Coaching" approach?

A: First, I'll tell you what Nutrition Coaching ISN'T.

  • NO extreme, hard-to-follow meal plans. 

  • NO banned food groups.

  • NO expensive meal replacement powders or "proprietary" supplements.

  • NO guilt trips.

What Minimalist Nutrition Coaching IS:

  • Personal Accountability on a weekly basis. Support and guidance. We're in this together.

  • Effective habit development and coaching. Learning how to make healthy living an enjoyable HABIT. Small daily practices we work on together yield SOLID RESULTS.

  • Knowledge and guidance to help you make better food choices and learn about the ways and means of building a long-term nutritional foundation.

  • Tracking progress so that at the end of this program, not only will you be in the best shape of your life, but you will STAY THAT WAY.

Q: Is personalized nutrition coaching right for me?

A: Do any of these points describe you?

  • You want to get healthier, fitter, and stronger - and stay that way for the rest of your life.

  • You're tired of "quick-fix" weight-loss programs that didn't work for you and are willing to dedicate time to sustainably getting in shape.

  • You want an expert to hold you accountable and keep you consistent throughout the program.

  • You're okay with hearing some uncomfortable truths.

  • You're ready, willing, and able to commit to stepping up your game. You're tired of half-assing your nutrition and health.

  • You understand that there are NO FREE LUNCHES. Every positive change is going to require trade-offs.

  • You're between 25-100 and fed up with the way you've let your physique deteriorate. You might want to lose body fat and weight or simply look good in your underwear again!

Q: What can I expect during the program?

A: This is a comprehensive nutrition coaching program. Commit to 12 months and we'll proceed through manageable, incremental steps to get you to your goal.

  1. After submitting your contact info, you'll receive a link to your own comprehensive intake form and create a free account through the ProCoach app. Based on your responses to the intake questionnaire, you'll receive your personalized "Quick-Start Guide." 

  2. We'll then schedule an online one-on-one Google Meet or Zoom chat for about 45 minutes. We'll discuss and assess your goals, obstacles, and experiences. If you decide that you're ready to commit to the program, I'll help you choose one of three program options. Then we'll get moving on your journey!

  3. Starting on the day after our kick-off meeting, you'll receive a daily email notification to check in and do your daily "practice." Each practice consists of a habit-building exercise. Day by day, week by week, you'll accumulate and practice healthier nutritional and life habits. You'll send me your daily check-in, notes, and anything else that's relevant through the ProCoach app. I'll keep you accountable through these daily digital check-ins.

  4. You'll receive detailed feedback and support from me, via ProCoach, to help keep you on track. You'll log your meals daily, providing as much detail as you can, including photos. All of this can be submitted to me through the ProCoach app.

  5. Unlimited support. Depending on the needs we've identified at the initial Kick-off meeting, we'll have one-on-one Google Meet or Zoom calls, as needed, so that I can help you over any rough spots, answer any questions you might have, and provide support, guidance, and accountability. We're a team!

  6. If you've chosen a fitness programming and coaching option, we'll do a simple movement assessment after our initial consultation. That movement assessment will be used by me to design your programming. Programming and tracking your exercises are done through the CoachRX app.

Q: Why are spaces limited?

A: I only onboard a limited number of clients each month for a very good reason. This ensures that you will get the best, most attentive, premium coaching possible. If the current month's spaces have already been filled, I'll put you on the new client wait-list for the following month. Don't worry, you'll get a space and the best coaching available, bar none.

Are you ready to take the first step to get in the best shape ever?

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